How To Make a Film

Martin Janoušek

N7 — How to make a film

8. 11 / 20:00 — 21:00 in AVU

How To Make a Film
Martin Janoušek

centre of audiovisual studies
6 minut

In today’s modern times when a film material loses its old potential is this paraphrase of old instructional films from 50s and 60s a tribute to the obsolete way of shooting. The film is playing with its own form and content. Its moderator Milan Cyroň guides the audience through the film production process itself from writing a script through filming on a set to distribution. It contains typical aspects of old instructional films and some film jokes.

directorMartin Janoušek
screenplayMartin Janoušek
cinematographyMartin Kubalec
editingMartin Janoušek
soundDaniel Valášek
productionDominik Vontor
castMilan Cyroň
Martin Janoušek
Martin Kubalec
Dominik Vontor
Daniel Valášek
Miroslava Konečná
Alena Kolesnikova
Anna Petruželová