Behind the curtain

Melanya Hamasyan

N2 — Behind the wall

7. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

Behind the curtain
Melanya Hamasyan

FAMU International
second semester exercise
9 min

Behind the Curtain is a poetic drama about a theater stage manager, Eva, who has recently lost her son yet needs to go about her daily work in the theater. Matěj, a novice actor in the theater group, becomes another obstacle to her work, as he is overcome by stage fright and the inability to distinguish between reality and surreality – between himself and the role his is playing, between backstage and stage. At first, Eva empathizes with the troubled actor, seeing in him a reminiscence of her lost son and as a result acts with maternal compassion. However, Matěj unravels further and refuses to follow her instructions as well as the forceful guidance of a chorus of fellow actors.

directorMelanya Hamasyan
screenplayMelanya Hamasyan
cinematographyXu Yingjie
set-designAnna Stříteská
Petr Vaněk
editingMelanya Hamasyan
soundGeorge Cremaschi
Alena Kolesnikova
productionAdriána Ingeliová
Adéla Konečná
castKlára Kubištová
Michal Rakušan
Pavlína Kročova
Michaela Krejčí
Lucie Páchová
Marie Puttnerova