Sun will not hurt you by day

Martin Repka

N9 — Is believing enough?

9. 11 / 16:30 — 18:00 in AVU

Sun will not hurt you by day
Martin Repka

directing department
21 min

Few summer days of a Slovak family living in old house near the forest. At the end of these days, the family will not be the same as it was before. This film is an intimate observation of children leaving the house. Sun will not hurt you by day was made from everyday observation of this unusual event, when two of my older sisters were getting married in just one week, after they spent their whole life in one room together. The fact that I am thier brother allowed me to break through most intimate spheres of our family with the camera.

directorMartin Repka
screenplayMartin Repka
cinematographyMarin Repka
Lubomír Ballek
editingLívia Slimáková
soundJuraś Karaka
Samuel Kocour
productionMartin Repka
Kristina Škodová
castrodina Repková