It's nothing

Sheida Sheikhha

N2 — Behind the wall

7. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

It's nothing
Sheida Sheikhha

FAMU International
first kiss
6 min

Lucia and Adam are in an unhealthy relationship. They rarely communicate and, when they do, it's with thinly veiled aggression and anger. Things seem to pile up until, one day, Adam reaches his breaking point; forcing Lucia into making a difficult choice and potentially reconsidering her relationship.

directorSheida Sheikhha
screenplaySheida Sheikhha
cinematographyLeo Michael Bruges
set-designAdéla Konečná
editingSheida Sheikhha
soundGeorge Cremaschi
productionMarkéta Nožinová
Tereza Slabejová
castLucia Čižinská
Adam Joura