The Bark Beetle of Šumava

Dimitri Martin Genaudeau

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9. 11 / 16:30 — 18:00 in AVU

The Bark Beetle of Šumava
Dimitri Martin Genaudeau

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11 min

In the Šumava National Park, in the south of the Czech Republic, a small invasive insect, the bark beetle, thrives in the spruce wood, causing severe damage to the forest since the early 2000s. The extent of the destruction caused by the insect led to a violent controversy in 2011 between the administration of the park and several environmental organizations. In the middle of this titanic fight, the beetle gathers his forces and struggles for his survival…

directorDimitri Martin Genaudeau
screenplayDimitri Martin Genaudeau
cinematographyChieh-Chung Cheng
set-designKristyna Vladykova
Jennifer Margaret Bailey
editingDimitri Martin Genaudeau
Dimitris Polysos
soundFarah Abou Kharroub
productionAlex Kurel and Oliver Herédi
castArnold Pasquier