Diana Cam Van Nguyen

B4 — Of Parents and Children

8. 11 / 14:00 — 15:30 in BIO OKO

Diana Cam Van Nguyen

animated film department
animation and actor
10 min

This animated documentary introduces 3 friends who share the same experience - when they were teenagers, one of their parents died. This film explore how they feel before and after this event. They tell us about their experiences - from the rejection to the anger and finally to the acceptance. This film is a portrait of young people, who had to grown up too soon.

directorDiana Cam Van Nguyen
screenplayDiana Cam Van Nguyen
Lukáš Janičík
cinematographyKryštof Melka
editingLukáš Janičík
soundViera Marinová
productionKarolína Davidová
castPetr Cuker
Ondřej Gabaš
Barbora Vildová