The Next Stop

Dominik György

N3 — Blood and rock'n'roll

7. 11 / 20:00 — 21:00 in AVU

The Next Stop
Dominik György

directing department
great etude
13 min

A family life of a loving mother and her mentally disabled son became a daily struggle with the only one aim - to survive. She would do anything for her son who lives in his own fantasy world and will never grow up, but there is not much to do. Only a bus driver role play offers a short escape from a daily routine... Will be The Next Stop their final destination?

directorDominik György
screenplayDominik György
cinematographyLubomír Ballek
set-designDominik György
editingRosalinda Hálová
soundVáclav Kopelec
productionVeronika Lengálová
Antonie Dědečková
castJana Oľhová
Ondřej Novák