Once it’s over

Vojtěch Petřina

N6 — Self loves

8. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

Once it’s over
Vojtěch Petřina

documentary film department
9 min

Jakub works as a luxury cosmetics salesman and every year he goes to a post-apocalyptic festival, where he can spend 3 days in a Mad Max world. The festival is an opportunity to escape reality, have some fun while making costumes, but it is also a hollow play inspired by a cult movie.

directorVojtěch Petřina
screenplayVojtěch Petřina
cinematographyLubomír Ballek
editingLívia Slimáková
soundKryštof Blabla
productionKlára Zitová
castJakub Grundler
Petra Kasl