The Edge of the Forest

Adam Kratochvíl

N3 — Blood and rock'n'roll

7. 11 / 20:00 — 21:00 in AVU

The Edge of the Forest
Adam Kratochvíl

directing department
bachelor film
13 min

A middle-aged policeman Pavel was posted to a border town at the foot of the mountains. He fully gave in to his frustration as he soon realized that no prospect of promising future awaits him there. At the same time, he is beset with the stereotype of local life as well as his own. Until he’s allocated an apartment, he’s staying in a mountain guest house with his pregnant fiancée Anna. The timelessness of the land and Pavel’s life is interrupted by the arrival of a strange couple of young lovers that grab Pavel’s attention at dinner and invoke in him feelings of fascination and suspicion. Pavel is awake all night and tries to find out as much as he can about the young couple. Subsequently, he becomes a witness to the breakdown of their relationship, a tragic event and learns a surprising fact about the couple. The film is an adaptation of a short story of the same name by an Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard.

directorAdam Kratochvíl
screenplayAdam Kratochvíl
cinematographyJan Chajewski
set-designAnna Pospíšilová
editingTereza Kozáková
soundAnna Jesenská
productionJindřich Keil
castPetr Jeništa
Marie Švestková
Hynek Tajovský
Kateřina Pechová
Zoja Oubramová
Václav Vašák
Janusz Hummel