My unknown soldier

Anna Kryvenko

N8 — This way of spending the summer (seems rather unfortunate to me)

9. 11 / 13:30 — 15:00 in BIO OKO

My unknown soldier
Anna Kryvenko

centre of audiovisual studies
graduate project
79 min

How does it feel to become an occupier without your own intentions? Using known as well as never published archival materials from the whole Europe and Russia we tell a family story of the director Anna Kryvenko about how the high politics destroys the lives of ordinary people.

directorAnna Kryvenko
screenplayAnna Kryvenko
cinematographyRadka Šišuláková
set-designJurģis Krāsons
editingDaria Chernyak
soundViktor Krivosudský
productionMichal Kráčmer
castAnna Kryvenko