But I’m also happy

Martin Repka

B4 — Of Parents and Children

8. 11 / 14:00 — 15:30 in BIO OKO

But I’m also happy
Martin Repka

directing department
feature film
19 min

Father from a village is going into the city to visit his son. Instead of meeting him, he meets his girlfriend. A girl he has never seen nor knew about. This film is a portrait of a father, who has lost contact with his son and now he is timidly trying to recover it.

directorMartin Repka
screenplayMartin Repka
cinematographyTomáš Šťastný
setLinda Holubová
editingBenjamín Kolmačka
soundJan Knot
productionKristýna Škodová
David Dittrich
částStanda Filip
Lenka Zbranková
Terza Terberová
Michal Ďuriš
Romana Repková