Me, Flamingo

Elvira Dul‘skaya

B2 — Escape

7. 11 / 16:00 — 17:30 in BIO OKO

Me, Flamingo
Elvira Dul‘skaya

editing department
documentary portrait
15 min

Anna is a young artist, studying UMPRUM in Prague. She has one little problem with her work - she cannot tell even one word about it. It is not because she is a foreigner in Czechia. She cannot speak about her ideas in any language, cannot express herself by words. Her strange art is the only way of communication, where she feels herself comfortable, but she is not able to defend her ideas, so she feels unconfident about it. Anna must tell something about it. Or not? May be non-verbal way of communication in art is enough? Or she will have to explain her works?

directorElvira Dul‘skaya
screenplayElvira Dul‘skaya
cinematographyElvira Dul‘skaya
setElvira Dul‘skaya
editingElvira Dul‘skaya
soundJan Knot
productionElvira Dul‘skaya
castAnna Ugolkova