Jan Chajewski, Veronika Vaculíková

N6 — Self loves

8. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

Jan Chajewski, Veronika Vaculíková

cinematography department
Dance for camera module
4 min

The film works in many layers, researching contrasts between performativity and placement in reality and contrasts in the monumental setting versus the vulnerability of coming out of the cocoon. The film built up the dramaturgy of how you feel reinventing yourself with knowledge.

directorVeronika Vaculíková
screenplayVeronika Vaculíková
Jan Chajewski
cinematographyJan Chajewski
set-designPetra Miškejová
editingJ orge Sanchez
soundVojtěch Zavadil
productionAnna Zatkalíková
castVeronika Vaculíková