Central Bus Station

Tomáš Elšík

B6 — In the Saddle and Behind the Wheel

8. 11 / 18:00 — 19:30 in BIO OKO

Central Bus Station
Tomáš Elšík

editing department
auteur film
76 min

The architects' plans for Central Bus Station to swallow visitors has turned into an endless maze of corridors. Once a gift to the citizens of Tel Aviv now serves to the immigrants. Yonathan has been a guide there for 17 years and is able to show the other side of the station's significance to those who walk with him. Yonathan knows that the purpose of going down to the building is to find not only himself, but also a society that harbours its values, protects its original traditions and wants to defend its home.

directorTomáš Elšík
screenplayTomáš Elšík
Kristina Nedvědová
cinematographyTomáš Elšík
Ondřej Belica
editorTomáš Elšík
Mariana Kozáková
soundDominik Dolejší
productionJitka Kotrlová