Michal Kováč

N7 — How to make a film

8. 11 / 20:00 — 21:00 in AVU

Michal Kováč

directing department
small etude
6 min

Two brothers are bringing iron scrap to a scrapyard to make some extra coins and they are treated unjustly. The older brother takes offence and breaks a window, they get into trouble and the older brother manages to escape while the younger one doesn’t.

directorMichal Kováč
screenplayMichal Kováč
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
set-designZuzana Formánková
editingElvira Dul’skaya
soundAnna Žihlová
productionAnna Bělková
Antonie Dědečková
Mojaš Perovič
castMarek Pospíchal
Peter Kuryltso
Jakub Frydrych