CINERGY & FAMUFEST - Our madness

Cinergy Masterclass: Sabine Lancelin & João Viana

8. 11 / 20:30 — 23:00 in BIO OKO

CINERGY & FAMUFEST - Our madness

Meet our guests - the portuguese director João Viana and the french DOP Sabine Lancelin. Screening of two of their films. The second part of the masterclass will take place on Saturday 10.11. at FAMU.


Our Madness

Lucy is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Mozambique. She dreams about her little son, Hanic, and her husband, Pak, who is a soldier of the war. One day Lucy takes her opportunity to run away from the hospital and then a journey begins with the logic of a trance. The images and mise-en-scène of João Viana seem to inhabit that limbo where certainty is canceled and mirages take over the real world. In Our Madness the sound knows how to distrust words and is able to turn to music, the ringing, the murmur or silence to show that dimension only accessible through madness, a deep delirium without stridency, like the beautiful cinematography by Sabine Lancelin.

PRODUCTION: Les Films de l'Après-Midi, Papaveronoir
Year of production: 2018
Duration: 90 min.

Director: João Viana
Writer: João Viana
Photography: Sabine Lancelin
Editing: Edgar Feldman
Sound: Gabriel Mondlane
Ernania Rainha: Ernania
Pak Ndjamena: Pak
Hanic Corio: Hanic