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9. 11 / 16:30 — 18:00 in AVU

The Double Life of David Mayer
Eilat Ben Eliyahu

FAMU International
11 min

David struggles to shape his Jewish identity amidst a faith crisis.

directorEilat Ben Eliyahu
screenplayEilat Ben Eliyahu
cinematographyFaraz Alam
editingEilat Ben Eliyahu
soundSamuel Štefanec
productionNoemi Krausová

Portrait of Lubor D
Matěj Piňos

cinematography department
4 min

Imprint of Lubor Dohnal`s world in film material.

directorBarbora Chalupová
screenplayBarbora Chalupová
Pepa Lubojacki
Matěj Piňos
cinematographyMatěj Piňos
editingVeronika Hlinková
soundJohn Locke
productionTomáš Pertold
castLubor Dohnal
Pepa Lubojacki
Barbora Námerová

Our Number Eight
Petr Mischinger

animated film department
short film
4 min

This animated documentary was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our independence. The number 8 has often played an important role in our lives. This is OUR NUMBER EIGHT.

directorPetr Mischinger
screenplayPetr Mischinger
cinematographyPetr Mischinger
editingPetr Mischinger
soundRichard Vacula
productionRozálie Brožková

Helena Fikerová

department of cinematography
how to
3 min

A short informative documentary about what goes on with an airplane when it is not in the air.

directorHelena Fikerová
screenplayHelena Fikerová
cinematographyHelena Fikerová
editingMatěj Podskalský
soundMatěj Sirotek
productionBarbora Oravová
castDavid Fiker

It's worth it
Tomáš Kotas

department of cinematography
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2 min

Do not let the political ignorance to disappoint ourselves. We don’t forget.

directorTomáš Kotas
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
set-designVeronika Traburová
editingTomáš Kotas
soundDaniel Valášek
productionAgáta Hrnčířová
castcast Pavel Kříž

The Bark Beetle of Šumava
Dimitri Martin Genaudeau

FAMU International APP
11 min

In the Šumava National Park, in the south of the Czech Republic, a small invasive insect, the bark beetle, thrives in the spruce wood, causing severe damage to the forest since the early 2000s. The extent of the destruction caused by the insect led to a violent controversy in 2011 between the administration of the park and several environmental organizations. In the middle of this titanic fight, the beetle gathers his forces and struggles for his survival…

directorDimitri Martin Genaudeau
screenplayDimitri Martin Genaudeau
cinematographyChieh-Chung Cheng
set-designKristyna Vladykova
Jennifer Margaret Bailey
editingDimitri Martin Genaudeau
Dimitris Polysos
soundFarah Abou Kharroub
productionAlex Kurel and Oliver Herédi
castArnold Pasquier

This kind of spring has never been yet
Tereza Kozáková

editing department
bachelor film
21 min

This kind of spring has never been yet is based on the diaries of the screenwriter and director Pavel Juráček. The movie is about a place in his native city Příbram, which he wrote in his diary as "a really perfect place". So I'm going to Příbram to find this place, especially the impression Juráček mentioned. The essence of the place that is mirrored in Juráček's future films is making a parallel to the political situation of the 60s in Czechoslovakia.

directorTereza Kozáková
screenplayTereza Kozáková
cinematographyTereza Kozáková
editingTereza Kozáková
soundTereza Kozáková
productionJindřich Keil

Sun will not hurt you by day
Martin Repka

directing department
21 min

Few summer days of a Slovak family living in old house near the forest. At the end of these days, the family will not be the same as it was before. This film is an intimate observation of children leaving the house. Sun will not hurt you by day was made from everyday observation of this unusual event, when two of my older sisters were getting married in just one week, after they spent their whole life in one room together. The fact that I am thier brother allowed me to break through most intimate spheres of our family with the camera.

directorMartin Repka
screenplayMartin Repka
cinematographyMarin Repka
Lubomír Ballek
editingLívia Slimáková
soundJuraś Karaka
Samuel Kocour
productionMartin Repka
Kristina Škodová
castrodina Repková