How to make a film


8. 11 / 20:00 — 21:00 in AVU

Bára Anna Stejskalová

animated film department
animation and actor
7 min

Wake up! You are 24 now. How is it looking into the mirror? Who are you gonna be today? You have got so much work, but can’t stop thinking about sex? Are you just desperately trying to fit in? Does it make you depressed? Well…welcome to the life of the Pink – The Red – The Blue – the Turquoise and the Yellow one, heroines of 24, the movie.

directorBára Anna Stejskalová
screenplayBára Anna Stejskalová
cinematographyFilip Rejč
set-designLouis Traore
editingIlona Malá
soundMartin Kuhn
productionKamila Dohnalová
castKamila Janovičová
Roman Dvořák
Václav Hašek
Šimon Kukač
Daniel Flek
Louis Traore

Michal Kováč

directing department
small etude
6 min

Two brothers are bringing iron scrap to a scrapyard to make some extra coins and they are treated unjustly. The older brother takes offence and breaks a window, they get into trouble and the older brother manages to escape while the younger one doesn’t.

directorMichal Kováč
screenplayMichal Kováč
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
set-designZuzana Formánková
editingElvira Dul’skaya
soundAnna Žihlová
productionAnna Bělková
Antonie Dědečková
Mojaš Perovič
castMarek Pospíchal
Peter Kuryltso
Jakub Frydrych

Where my home is?
Manri Kim

animated film department
Short film
3 min

In Prague, when a Turkish man is working in a Turkish restaurant, there’s a demonstration outside on Wenceslas Square. One protester customer forgets to take his placard, the Turkish runs into the demonstrators to return it to him.

directorManri Kim
Juras Karaka
screenplayManri Kim
Juras Karaka
Marie Jun
editingManri Kim
Juras Karaka
soundJuras Karaka
productionRozálie Brožková

Vojtěch Dvořák

cinematography department
6 min

Short movie about a boy and his guide on the border of two worlds.

directorVíťa Procházka
Vojtěch Dvořák
screenplayVíťa Procházka
Vojtěch Dvořák
cinematographyVojtěch Dvořák
set-designAnna Pospíšilová
editingElvira Dul´skaya
soundVáclav Kopelec
productionVeronika Lengálová
castHynek Chmelař
Jakub Vlach
Roman Miler
Jan Kulhánek
Petr Šimice

There is no direction
Václav Pavlíček

department of cinematography
4 min

We are in a man-made landscape. We watch a bunch of marching people doing the same moves. They are all dressed equally, and their overall look suggests that there is no place for someone to make a distinction. The group stops. They hold their hands. Their movement is synchronized. Suddenly, however, one man in the group stops repeating the movements of others. As if he woke up…

directorVáclav Pavlíček
screenplayVáclav Pavlíček
cinematographyVáclav Pavlíček
editingVojtěch Kunc
productionVeronika Lengálová
castMarie Luisa Purkrábková
Michael Goldshmid

Marin Jeřábek

directing department
small etude
7 min

The group of the dudes is coming to the party in the nearby village. The plan is clear. Enjoy a lot of fun for no money and maybe pick up some chicks.

directorMartin Jeřábek
screenplayMartin Jeřábek
cinematographyLudvík Otevřel
set-designKarolína Jansová
editingMatěj Podskalský
soundVáclav Kopelec

How To Make a Film
Martin Janoušek

centre of audiovisual studies
6 minut

In today’s modern times when a film material loses its old potential is this paraphrase of old instructional films from 50s and 60s a tribute to the obsolete way of shooting. The film is playing with its own form and content. Its moderator Milan Cyroň guides the audience through the film production process itself from writing a script through filming on a set to distribution. It contains typical aspects of old instructional films and some film jokes.

directorMartin Janoušek
screenplayMartin Janoušek
cinematographyMartin Kubalec
editingMartin Janoušek
soundDaniel Valášek
productionDominik Vontor
castMilan Cyroň
Martin Janoušek
Martin Kubalec
Dominik Vontor
Daniel Valášek
Miroslava Konečná
Alena Kolesnikova
Anna Petruželová