Self loves


8. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

Once it’s over
Vojtěch Petřina

documentary film department
9 min

Jakub works as a luxury cosmetics salesman and every year he goes to a post-apocalyptic festival, where he can spend 3 days in a Mad Max world. The festival is an opportunity to escape reality, have some fun while making costumes, but it is also a hollow play inspired by a cult movie.

directorVojtěch Petřina
screenplayVojtěch Petřina
cinematographyLubomír Ballek
editingLívia Slimáková
soundKryštof Blabla
productionKlára Zitová
castJakub Grundler
Petra Kasl

Close Areas
Zuzana Lazarová

photography department
graduate exhibition
7 min

Art and thus artistic and gallery activities became for me an indifferent labyrinth of unfulfilled expectations, a trap for a spectacle. So, as I had no other choice, I returned back to what I still feel like doing. To looking for new appellations for contexts and experience one can hardly express otherwise than by the language of a poem. Each text by a curator was to give one poem.

directorZuzana Lazarová
screenplayZuzana Lazarová
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
editingJohana Novotná
soundDaniela Vaníčková
productionAdriána Ingeliová
castJakub Folvarčný

Jan Chajewski, Veronika Vaculíková

cinematography department
Dance for camera module
4 min

The film works in many layers, researching contrasts between performativity and placement in reality and contrasts in the monumental setting versus the vulnerability of coming out of the cocoon. The film built up the dramaturgy of how you feel reinventing yourself with knowledge.

directorVeronika Vaculíková
screenplayVeronika Vaculíková
Jan Chajewski
cinematographyJan Chajewski
set-designPetra Miškejová
editingJ orge Sanchez
soundVojtěch Zavadil
productionAnna Zatkalíková
castVeronika Vaculíková

Nora Štrbová

animated film department
puppet etude
3 min

Short animated puppet probe into endless self-love, freely drawing on the ancient myth of Narcissus. Whoever wants to love others needs to (after) love each other

directorNora Štrbová
screenplayNora Štrbová
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
editingAlan Sýs
soundAdam Bláha

Synchronized swimming
Zdena Sýkorová

department of cinematography
advertisement - sport
1 min

Above water, on water, below water, connected. From inside out, from outside in. Unified. Regularly, subtly, in one they are together. Repetitive kaleidoscopic patterns of Neptune aquabels.

directorZdena Sýkorová
screenplayZdena Sýkorová
cinematographyZdena Sýkorová
set-designZdena Sýkorová
editingElvira Dul´skaya
soundOndřej Rozum
productionRozálie Brožková

Journey of dance
Adéla Márová

department of cinematography
extra exercise
24 min

Traveling around Georgia for the beauty of nature, meeting with local people and finding inspiration for dancing.

directorAdéla Márová
screenplayAdéla Márová
cinematographyAdéla Márová a Vojtěch Votýpka
editingElvíra Dulskaia a Ilona Malá
soundHana Kašpárek Vyšínská
productionAdéla Márová
castTomáš Jarkovský
Vojtěch Votýpka
Irakli Marguláni
Goga Gugusiani,...