Behind the wall


7. 11 / 18:30 — 19:30 in AVU

The Act of Devouring
Emir Ziyalar

FAMU International
short fiction
24 min

A tortured man is forced to repeat a grim task in 1940’s Czechoslovakia. Over time, he starts to fail his task and delves into working on his grotesque secret instead. The fear of the secret being exposed slowly becomes unbearable.

directorEmir Ziyalar
screenplayEmir Ziyalar
cinematographyMurat Emkuzhev
set-designCamila Vieira
editingEmir Ziyalar
soundJuras Karaka
productionRomana Kilíková
Václav Klíma
Rashid Aghamaliyev
castZdeněk Rumpík
Andreas Berg
Martin Drozd
Karel Seidl
Iva Šindelková
Jakub Svoboda

Sheida Sheikhha

FAMU International
8 min

Babylon is a psychological thriller told through a series of therapy sessions in which a young girl discusses her life with her manipulative and controlling mother and yet, the images we see show a slightly different scenario; as these sessions progress, her struggle for freedom increases while the gap between the truth and her depiction of events decreases.

directorSheida Sheikhha
screenplaySheida Sheikhha
cinematographyBruno Grandino
editingRolando Garduño
soundVladimir Vladimirov
productionMarkéta Nožinová
castAnežka Matušinská
Eva Ventrubová
Lucie Zachovalová

Room number 16
Vladimir Vladimirov

FAMU International
final project - directing
11 min

Valentin is a young boy who had experienced sexual harassment by his father who gets accidentally killed by Valentin in order to escape. As an under age murderer, Valentin is in a reformatory school where becomes one of many numbers and gets bullied, so to get protected he has to play the game of the principal.

directorVladimir Vladimirov
screenplayVladimir Vladimirov
Patrik Švehelka
cinematographyChieh-Chung Cheng
set-designTereza Gabrhelíková
editingVladimir Vladimirov
soundVladimir Vladimirov
productionAdéla Konečná
castPavel Zavadil
Petr Holeček
Kristián Černík

It's nothing
Sheida Sheikhha

FAMU International
first kiss
6 min

Lucia and Adam are in an unhealthy relationship. They rarely communicate and, when they do, it's with thinly veiled aggression and anger. Things seem to pile up until, one day, Adam reaches his breaking point; forcing Lucia into making a difficult choice and potentially reconsidering her relationship.

directorSheida Sheikhha
screenplaySheida Sheikhha
cinematographyLeo Michael Bruges
set-designAdéla Konečná
editingSheida Sheikhha
soundGeorge Cremaschi
productionMarkéta Nožinová
Tereza Slabejová
castLucia Čižinská
Adam Joura

Behind the curtain
Melanya Hamasyan

FAMU International
second semester exercise
9 min

Behind the Curtain is a poetic drama about a theater stage manager, Eva, who has recently lost her son yet needs to go about her daily work in the theater. Matěj, a novice actor in the theater group, becomes another obstacle to her work, as he is overcome by stage fright and the inability to distinguish between reality and surreality – between himself and the role his is playing, between backstage and stage. At first, Eva empathizes with the troubled actor, seeing in him a reminiscence of her lost son and as a result acts with maternal compassion. However, Matěj unravels further and refuses to follow her instructions as well as the forceful guidance of a chorus of fellow actors.

directorMelanya Hamasyan
screenplayMelanya Hamasyan
cinematographyXu Yingjie
set-designAnna Stříteská
Petr Vaněk
editingMelanya Hamasyan
soundGeorge Cremaschi
Alena Kolesnikova
productionAdriána Ingeliová
Adéla Konečná
castKlára Kubištová
Michal Rakušan
Pavlína Kročova
Michaela Krejčí
Lucie Páchová
Marie Puttnerova