Of Parents and Children


8. 11 / 14:00 — 15:30 in BIO OKO

But I’m also happy
Martin Repka

directing department
feature film
19 min

Father from a village is going into the city to visit his son. Instead of meeting him, he meets his girlfriend. A girl he has never seen nor knew about. This film is a portrait of a father, who has lost contact with his son and now he is timidly trying to recover it.

directorMartin Repka
screenplayMartin Repka
cinematographyTomáš Šťastný
setLinda Holubová
editingBenjamín Kolmačka
soundJan Knot
productionKristýna Škodová
David Dittrich
částStanda Filip
Lenka Zbranková
Terza Terberová
Michal Ďuriš
Romana Repková

Mt. Human
Jan Hecht

directing department
bachelor film
29 min

A doctor who is working in a Czech regional hospital has just turned forty and she feels like this is her last opportunity to move forward in her life. However, her ambitions to succeed in nearby Germany were encountered by her new colleagues in a small hospital where she started working and most importantly by her family. Film Mt. Human shows the insights of the Czech healthcare system which is facing a crisis of doctors leaving abroad.

directorJan Hecht
screenplayJan Hecht
Tomáš Hecht
cinematographyAdam Mach
setSofie Othmanová
editingJakub Jelínek
soundOndřej Černohorský
productionAlžběta Noll
castLenka Vlasáková
Martin Finger
Jáchym Novotný
Nina Mrázková

Nelisa Alcalde

FAMU International
colour etude
5 min

On a Sunday morning, young Marie is preparing for the Holy Communion ceremony, dressing with the help of her mother. While having breakfast and waiting for her tea, Marie is pulled into a mysterious world of her fantasy, triggered by the vibrant red colour of the tea.

directorDora Šustić
screenplayDora Šustić
Nelisa Alcalde
cinematographyNelisa Alcalde
setElena Nassi
editingDora Šustić
soundAlena Kolesniková
productionAnna Veselá
castPavlina Kročová
Malvina Borkovcová
Kateřina Prokopová
Natálie Němcová

Diana Cam Van Nguyen

animated film department
animation and actor
10 min

This animated documentary introduces 3 friends who share the same experience - when they were teenagers, one of their parents died. This film explore how they feel before and after this event. They tell us about their experiences - from the rejection to the anger and finally to the acceptance. This film is a portrait of young people, who had to grown up too soon.

directorDiana Cam Van Nguyen
screenplayDiana Cam Van Nguyen
Lukáš Janičík
cinematographyKryštof Melka
editingLukáš Janičík
soundViera Marinová
productionKarolína Davidová
castPetr Cuker
Ondřej Gabaš
Barbora Vildová