Against the current


7. 11 / 18:00 — 19:30 in BIO OKO

Tomáš Kotas

cinematography department
sport - documentary
3 min

Rostislav Vítek is a 42 year old long distance swimmer with about 60 000 kilometres in his shoulders. In the documentary Aquanaut he shares moments from his career, which is also his life journey. Dark places that were brought to him by open water made him ice-cold calm and gave him strong, hardened soul.

directorLuboš Rezler
screenplayLuboš Rezler
Tomáš Kotas
cinematographyTomáš Kotas
editingFilip De Pinna
productionMatěj Kačírek
castRostislav Vítek

Empire builders
Andran Abramjan

documentary film department
graduate film
84 min

The docufiction essay portrays self-taught but ambitious right-wing populists who long to play a high-stakes game. Through the character of a propagandist cinematographer and movie freak, the film follows the builders of a Czech local movement agitating against Islam and immigration in a country which refuses to accept refugees and where no refugees come.

directorAndran Abramjan
screenplayAndran Abramjan
cinematographyMatěj Piňos
Andran Abramjan
editingMichal Böhm
Andran Abramjan
soundRadim Lapčík
productionHana Šilarová
Kristina Škodová