7. 11 / 16:00 — 17:30 in BIO OKO

A Trip to the Moon
Vojtěch Kunc

editing department
auteur film
15 min

A strange film about a dreamy trip of two young people, driving through the Czech countryside, heading to the Moon. A road-movie about spaceflights and about going through long distances in short time.

directorVojtěch Kunc
screenplayVojtěch Kunc
cinematographyVáclav Pavlíček
setHannah Saleh
editingVojtěch Kunc
soundMatěj Sirotek
productionVojtěch Kunc
Anna Veselá
castMartin Imrich
Marie-Luisa Pukrábková
Tomáš Hlaváček
Jaromír Šebek
Dominik György
Prokop Jelínek
Fedir Djudja

Me, Flamingo
Elvira Dul‘skaya

editing department
documentary portrait
15 min

Anna is a young artist, studying UMPRUM in Prague. She has one little problem with her work - she cannot tell even one word about it. It is not because she is a foreigner in Czechia. She cannot speak about her ideas in any language, cannot express herself by words. Her strange art is the only way of communication, where she feels herself comfortable, but she is not able to defend her ideas, so she feels unconfident about it. Anna must tell something about it. Or not? May be non-verbal way of communication in art is enough? Or she will have to explain her works?

directorElvira Dul‘skaya
screenplayElvira Dul‘skaya
cinematographyElvira Dul‘skaya
setElvira Dul‘skaya
editingElvira Dul‘skaya
soundJan Knot
productionElvira Dul‘skaya
castAnna Ugolkova

Duong Viet Anh

bachelor film
6 min

Dance movie, that points to the current situation of pollution and unnecessary overwhelming amount of the material around us, that limits us from perception and even movement.

directorDuong Viet Anh
screenplayDuong Viet Anh
cinematographyDužan Duong
setMarek Špitálský
editingDuong Viet Anh
soundDuong Viet Anh
productionOliver Reitler
castDaniel Hlavatý
Angela Nwagbo
Thy Ly Leova
Jan Razima

Blue Squad
Ondřej Nuslauer

editing department
auteur film
14 min

Darkness and heavy air. Routine mission of a mining rescue service portrays an unprecedented and physically demanding journey to the injured. A young member of the rescue team will experience first hand all the challenges common to this line of work.

directorOndřej Nuslauer
screenplayOndřej Nuslauer
cinematographyTomáš Uhlík
setVeronika Traburová
editingOndřej Nuslauer
soundAnna Kolářová
productionBarbora Skoumalová
castJan Papírník
Ondřej Kavan

Sasha Stelchenko

directing departement
short film
24 min

Iva, mother of two, is unhappy in her marriage to Marek. Once a successful entrepreneur working abroad, he is now in prison. After years of his constant absence in the family, Iva finally decides to get a divorce. She comes for a conjugal visit to tell him.

directorSasha Stelchenko
screenplayAdéla Matochová
cinematographyKryštof Melka
setMariana Kuchařová
editingAlexander Kashcheev
soundJakub Trš
productionVojtěch Komrzý
castDana Marková
Ondřej Kavan
Lukáš Melník
Pavla Janišová