Community versus individualism


7. 11 / 14:00 — 15:30 in BIO OKO

Sugar and salt
Adam Martinec

directing department
feature film
20 min

A group of friends arrives at a forbidden and a secluded place somewhere near Krnov in the Sudetenland mountains. They've come here to celebrate their friendship as every previous years. Kájíček, Toník, Drobek a.k.a. Bonbon, Dalík, Pepa and a lambkin called Bohunka. This year is different from the others. Staňa's not here.

directorAdam Martinec
screenplayAdam Martinec
cinematographyDavid Hofmann
setZuzana Formánková
editingMatěj Sláma
soundMichael Kocáb
productionMatěj Paclík
castJan Kyják
Marek Majnuš
Karel Martinec
Leoš Noha
Luboš Velička

The individual nothing, the entirety everything
Ludvík Otevřel

cinematography department
Sport - documentary
3 min

100 years of Sokol, 120 meters of film

directorLudvík Otevřel
screenplayLudvík Otevřel
cinematographyLudvík Otevřel
editingLudvík Otevřel
soundLudvík Otevřel
productionAugustina Micková

The Night of the Agama
Tomáš Janáček

directing department
graduate film
33 min

Prague, a bus station on a winter night. Radka, together with her little daughter, a suitcase on wheels and a gym bag, gets off a bus. Down the streets of the same city, Ludek is taking his time going home, aware that nobody is waiting for him there. For a couple of hours before dawn, what was meant to be a fateful connection with one purpose only might resemble a family. The Night of the Agama is about an encounter of people who rely on others' help, yet they must primarily help themselves.

directorTomáš Janáček
screenplayTomáš Janáček
cinematographyStanislav Adam
setStella Šonková
editingMariana Kozáková
soundMartin Kuhn
productionMikuláš Novotný
castJohana Matoušková
Jan Hájek
Anežka Přikrylová

Days off
Filip Blažek

animated film department
bachelor film
11 min

Too close but too far?! Two neighbours in the noise of building work, the hum of television sets and hushed up feelings.

directorFilip Blažek
screenplayFilip Blažek
cinematographyFilip Blažek
setFilip Blažek
Mikuláš Suchý
editingAlexander Kashcheev
soundAnna Jesenská
Matěj Chrudina
productionKarolína Davidová
castZdeněk Zdráhal

Importance of everybody
Francesco Montagner

department of documentary film
staged study in a studio
7 min

directorFrancesco Montagner
screenplayFrancesco Montagner
cinematographyGabriele Buffa
editingAntonio Veljanoski
Jorge Sanchez
soundLuka Šuto
Petr Kolev
productionKateřina Traburová
castPavel Šímčík
Ctirad Götz