FAMUFEST is a multi-genre film festival, which is held annually by students of the Film and TV faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Festival allows viewers outside of FAMU to see the latest student works. It also addresses the cultural publicity with the intention of introducing new talents that will co-create the future of Czech cinematography, television production, photography and other media.

The theme for this year, BRIDGES, should highlight the main ideas of FAMUFEST. The bridge connects - both physically and figuratively. Bridge is a key building in the entire social context - by building the bridge we create new paths between two different elements. History has been written on bridges, they are related to legends, they are places of fights. Bridge as an architectural element, which must be perfectly functional, but also with aesthetic demands. The bridge stands on pillars, all of which must be flawless. Similarly, not only the production of the film, but also the festival. When one part fails, the whole is adversely affected. The whole festival follows the theme of connecting various elements during all its individual parts. We would like to celebrate the 35th year of FAMUFEST as a celebration of the diversity and the impossibility of engraving. We want to show how the symbiosis of film, illustration, photography and other media series works. The festival is a place to connect artists across different disciplines.


Malvína Balvínová

Malvína Balvínová is a film publicist and a festival dramaturgy. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University with a degree in film and theatre studies. She published her work in magazines such as Cinepur, Film a doba, Filmový přehled, Loutkář, and others. She cooperated with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Febiofest; Summer Film School. She presented Czech animation at the French RICA Festival. She acted as program coordinator at the festival AniFest, she also worked as a PR and marketing expert at the Barrandov Studios. She has experience as a juror from the Animánie Festival in Pilsen.

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková

Pavla Janoušková Kubečková is a film producer. She studied journalism at Charles University and film production at FAMU. She is a co-founder of the production company Nutprodukce. The films she produces, such as Show!, The Great Night, Fortress or FC Roma, are met with praise at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival or abroad (Nothing like before – Competition for First Appearance IDFA 2017). She produced the HBO miniseries Wasteland which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and Agniezska Holland’s Burning Bush. Her last coproduction Spoor was awarded a Silver Bear at the 2017 Berlinale Film Festival.

Petr Bilík

Petr Bilík has long devoted himself to cultural management and marketing, especially where film festivals, film development and production are concerned. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Palacky University Olomouc with a degree in literature, film and theatre studies and currently serves as lecturer and vice-rector. He worked as an editor for the literary magazine HOST and as dramaturgy in Česká televize Brno. He participated in dramaturgy and management at several film festivals, such as Summer Film School, PAF and Academia Film Olomouc. He was part of the Czech Film Fund council in the years 2015 – 2018.

Hynek Bočan

Hynek Bočan is a screenwriter and director. He is a graduate of the FAMU directing department. He first worked as an assistant director for Jindřich Polák, Karel Kachyňa and Jiří Weiss at Barrandov Studios. After his successful feature film debut Nobody Will Laugh in 1965, he directed films such as Čest a sláva in 1968, which received the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival. He also directed Give the Devil His Due in 1984 and Smích se lepí na paty in 1986. On top of that, he devoted himself to television work, apart from films (Změna napětí, Svatební cesta do Jiljí), he director popular series (Mystery of the Conundrum, Zdivočelá země).

Šimon Hájek

Šimon Hájek studied film editing at FAMU. His work spans a variety of genres, apart from video clips he collaborated on feature films such as Gottland or Journey to Rome. As an editor, he took part in the documentary series Kmeny and the television series Lajna, Vyšehrad and Dáma a Král. His current projects include Šimon Šafránek’s documentary King Skate or Domestik, the feature film debut of Adam Sedlák.

Jury for unrealized screenplays

Petr Stančík

Petr Stančík is an author of adult novels, such as Pérák, Mlýn na mumie (Magnesia Litera for Prose), Andělí vejce (voted Book of the Year by Lidové Noviny in 2016) and Nulorožec. For younger readers, he has written an interactive children’s horror story, Mrkev ho vcucla pod zem, a fairy-tale full of plot-holes O Díře z Trychtýře, two parts of a sci-fi adventure H 2 O (Golden Ribbon for Best Children’s Book) and so far five volumes of stories about Chrujda the badger. He also dedicates himself to the history of the ruins of the Gothic Chapel of the Body and Blood of Christ in the New Town of Prague.

Lucie Bokšteflová

Lucie Bokšteflová is a graduate of the department of screenwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU. She is an external screenwriter and dramaturg for Česká Televize and private film production companies. She wrote the screenplay for the feature film Laputa and co-wrote the film Chata na prodej.

Petr Koubek

Petr Koubek graduated from the department of screenwriting at FAMU, where he co-created the film Lesapán. His screenplay for the medium length feature Libverdy was awarded the RWE Prize. He served as editor of the film magazine Film 2015 at Česká Televize and collaborated on the TV series Národní klenoty or Lynč.